Amanda Hellryd (1993, Malmö, Sweden) works across sculpture, installation and performance.


A keen critic of the ‘static’, Hellryd is interested in how our surroundings contrast and contradict one another. Her work is a continual exploration of how these diametrical opposites can be reflected in an intellectual, personal encounter between a sensorial experience and one’s sensational state of mind, often leading us to contemplate the illusion of power and fragility.
These paradoxes find themselves situated and instigated by an organic process, which involves a flow aimed at a visual language strongly connected with a sense of ambiguity and intuition. 

Investigating Nature’s obscurity – looking at how nature describes and possesses the attributes of the unintelligible – Hellryd critiques and questions our lack of organic presence and contemplation through her works. 

At the same time, they transform and reverse the perception of materiality and its physical presence in space by implementing thoughts of resistance and vulnerability. She devises a contemplative space, highlighting a material presence that could reflect what absence and the nondurable might be.